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The goal of a bankruptcy is to get a fresh start by discharging your debts while keeping the property that you are legally entitled to protect. Attorney Trunnell and Attorney Sellers represent clients in individual, family, and business based bankruptcies:

The first job of a bankruptcy attorney is to help consumers choose the right form of bankruptcy to deal with their situation. In general, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be used to discharge debt where the debtor cannot pay creditors, and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be used when a debtor wants to protect property that would be lost in a Chapter 7 or the debtor has the ability to pay something to creditors.

At the initial meeting, you will meet with an attorney to discuss your financial situation and find out if bankruptcy is the best option for you. Our firm pursues the best result for your case, and protects your assets to the fullest extent of the law.

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